Product Description


Matcha Pure Tea proudly brings you our highest grade Ceremonial Matcha Tea. Our tea is 100% premium JAS certified organic from Uji Region, Kyoto, Japan.


🍃 Highest quality drinking matcha
🌿 Smooth & mellow taste
🍃 Delicately sweet
🌿 Vibrant bright green colour
🍃 Smooth & velvety texture
🌿 Froths well
🍃 100% Certified organic
🌿 High in antioxidants
🍃 Boosts metabolism
🌿 Improves focus & mood
🍃 Gluten free & vegan friendly


Our Ceremonial Matcha Tea is of the most superior quality. This is thanks to the special growing and harvesting conditions of the tea leaves.

The tiny new shoots of the tea plant are carefully selected and picked by hand. The leaves are then delicately steamed, dried and stone ground. This creates a beautiful vibrant green tea powder. Harvesting by hand compared to machine results in smoother and superior quality matcha green tea.

This nutrient rich Ceremonial Matcha Tea is silky and mellow. It has a slightly sweet taste and velvety texture. The super fine powder is perfect for Koicha (thick and strong matcha) and Usucha (thin and weak matcha).


Matcha green tea has numerous health benefits. It is loaded with 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. Antioxidants help keep your body healthy and prevent cell damage. Drinking matcha can boost your metabolism which aids with weight loss. This is done by increasing thermogenesis (the body’s way of burning energy). It cleanses your body with its high levels of chlorophyll. Matcha tea has also been known to lower cholesterol, promote healthy teeth and gums and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a wonderful skin enhancer and anti-ager.

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Net weight: 30g / 1oz

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